The landlord may claim an amount of the Rental Bond for the following:

  • Rent in Arrears—Rent in arrears if the premises has been vacated by the tenant,
  • Damage—Damage to the premises by the tenant or their guests that is not fair wear and tear,
  • Losses caused by Tenant—Any loss of the landlord’s goods caused by the tenant’s acts or omissions, other than fair wear and tear,
  • Cleaning Costs—Cleaning costs due to the tenant’s failure to keep the premises reasonably clean, having regard to fair wear and tear,
  • Abandonment Costs—Costs associated with the tenant abandoning the premises, or
  • Other Liabilities—Other costs for which the landlord is liable which were to be paid by the tenant under the agreement—e.g. unpaid utilities.

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Some tips to make sure you get your bond back:

Top Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Bond Back – Insider Guides

  • Read your leas so you know what to expect
  • Fill out the condition report accurately
  • Take photos of the property when you first move in
  • Fix issues as they arise
  • Pay your rent
  • Don’t lose your keys!
  • Clean during your tenancy
  • Give proper notice that you will be leaving