Singles Support Program

The Singles Support Program provides support to single adults who are living in transitional housing and on an outreach basis. The program also provides support and short-term linkage support to Rooming House residents.

The services that the program provides are:

  • To help secure long-term accommodation either in private rental, public, community housing;
  • To address the barriers that may prevent access to long term accommodation;
  • To provide case management support;
  • To help develop the skills needed by people to manage independent living;
  • To provide appropriate referrals to specialist services when required.

Who is eligible:

  • Adults aged over 25 years of age;
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness;
  • Need to be willing to participate in the support program, which involves at least fortnightly meetings;
  • Need to develop living skills;
  • In receipt of an independent income;
  • Able to manage independent living;

How to access the program:
Contact the access point, Unison. Unison will complete assessment and if deemed appropriate, and a vacancy exists, the person will be referred to Wombat's Singles Support Program.

Assessment will be completed with the support worker to confirm eligibility.