Feedback and Complaints

If you are not satisfied with the service Wombat is providing you have the right to make a complaint without fear of retribution.

If your complaint is about a worker, you will be encouraged in the first instance to raise your complaint with the worker involved. If the matter is not resolved or you do not want to discuss the matter with the worker concerned, you or your advocate may contact the Program Manager or the Executive Officer.

At any point, you have the right to approach an organisation or individual for advocacy. Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS) will inform you of your rights, how to make a complaint and they can advocate on your behalf.

If you are unsure of your rights or would like to make a complaint at any time you are also welcome to contact HAS by calling 1800 066 256 or visiting their website

If you are submitting a complaint directly to Wombat please send it to or via post to P.O. BOX 1183, Kensington 3031.


 If you need to make a complaint here are some helpful documents: